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Every person requires some sort of motivation to finish what they start. Some kind of inspiration to help them keep pushing, to not give up, to put in the work to reap in the results at the end. We seek motivation from various sources. Be it a story, a person, or a cause.


Every person has someone they look up to, someone’s life they look at and think: “Wow. I want to emulate that! “. There are so many inspirational stories and personalities in the world. for example, for Indians, Abdul Kalam ( still the inspiration for present day youths and students!

"Arise, Awake and stop until the goal is reached" - Swami Vivekananda (Browse  Swami Vivekananda collection:


People you look at and think about the struggles they’d have gone through to get to the point where they are, and how’d they found the motivation for doing that. And when we look at them, we think,: ”Why can’t I? “. We relate our personal struggles to theirs and try to work through them the way that they did. We try to excel in our fields as they did. We aspire to be looked at the way they are being looked at by us.


We, at PEACOCKRIDE, bring to you our collection of Wall Decals and Laptop Decals of some personalities that we think provide such motivation. Place them on the walls of your home or office, and whenever you feel stuck or in a bad place, you can look up to them, find motivation in them, think of how they went through it and how you can too.