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Untouched purity. A sense of calm. The Northeast has always been associated with a sense of mystery about it. The peace and tranquil of the hillsides, the warm and welcoming people. The plethora of culture and practices to be experienced provide travellers with a sense of curiosity.

The Northeast is the collective term used to refer to 8 states as a whole, which are Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura. The tourism factor of these states is mainly nature and wildlife, but a large number of tourists also pour in for the religion factor, due to the widespread Buddhi locations.


            The National Park at Kaziranga in Assam offers tourists the chance to look at rhinoceros in the wild, and it also hosts the rare Ganges river dolphins. Other national parks like Khangchendzonga and the Rajiv Gandhi national park host other indigenous species like the Red Panda and various species of birds. The Pakke and Dampa Tiger reserves are where tourists are taken to see Tigers in the wild.



The vast number of lakes, rivers and waterfalls provide a number of locations where tourists can come awe at the sheer and raw beauty. Locations like Cherrapunji, also famous for the ungodly amount of rains it receives in the monsoon, provide for beautiful locations to rest and take in nature. Other such places such as Darap, Reshi, Konoma and Chemchi have a variety of pastimes like bird watching, trekking etc. The Nathu La pass is famous for trekking, its name translates to “Listening Ears”. The trek up the pass takes tourists through multiple lakes, and the final view is breathtaking. The Siang river is famous for river rafting. The Dawki river in Meghalaya has waters so clean, it looks as if the boat is floating in mid-air.       

            Religious tourism is also extremely popular in the Northeast, with a number of Monasteries, Stupas and Buddhist Shrines. Irrespective of religion, people come and seek peace at these sites. Places like Gangtok, Namchi and Gyalshing are famous tourist spots for their monasteries. The Phodong monastery is also very famous due to the several murals present on its walls. 





         The culture of the Northeast is different and intriguing. Due to the low population density, the ideals and beliefs of the people vary excessively, but the one common thing is the hospitality. The separate festivals in each state dedicated to the farmers are sights to see, with Bihu in Assam being the most popular of them. Dressed in dashing colours, the locals sing and dance in praise of the spring that has come and the food they have been blessed with,

            With all of this taken into account, we can well and truly say that the Northeast can be considered as the Tourist Paradise of India, paradise as it has all the experiences of dreams, and paradise also because a lot hasn’t been explored and discovered fully yet.


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