Installation guide

Applying Vinyl Decal is an easy process if you follow the below Steps (and we are always there to help you out!)


  1. Vinyl Squeegee or Similar like credit card, ID Card
  2. A clean cloth
  3. Scissors
  4. Masking(Sello) Tape

What will you RECEIVE?

You will receive a closely sealed mailing tube with the following items

  1. Sample Vinyl Decal - to practice before applying an original design
  2. Main Vinyl decal - that will come with three layers of transfer tape, Vinyl Decal and paper backing
  3. Instruction guide on how to apply the sticker on the surface


  1. You remove the seal from the Mailing tube; take out the Main Vinyl Decal and the Sample test sticker and check if it is the correct sticker that you have ordered. Depending on the size of your sticker, your delivery may come in one or more pieces in the same Mailing tube.
  2. Try Test Sticker first following below steps and proceed to the Main Vinyl decal once you are comfortable with Test Sticker.
  3. Take measurements of the wall and adjust the space for the sticker. Some decals are larger and need to be centred on the wall or another medium.  Use a pencil to mark the centre line of the wall or other mediums to help you get them on straight.
  4. Using Squeegee or the Credit/Debit card, rubbing over the whole surface of the transfer tape to ensure that the vinyl Decals sticks properly to clear out the air bubbles in the Vinyl decal. We insist especially on the parts where the design has very small details.
  5. For large decals using masking (Sello) tape, place strips of tape along the top to hold your design in place.
  6. Slowly peel the paper backing from the transfer tape. The Vinyl Decal should stick to the transfer tape.
 If some of the Vinyl Decal remains struck to the Paper backing, Rub over the transfer tape on that area using Squeegee or Similar and then slowly continue peeling. Repeat the process if the transfer tape is struck on the paper backing
  1. After separating paper backing from the transfer tape, don’t let the transfer paper touch anything.
  2. You can now slowly smooth the transfer tape and decal onto your wall with your hand. Start from the centre and work towards the outside of the decal in order to make sure you remove any bubbles. Firmly apply pressure through Squeegee or credit card to make the Vinyl applied to your wall
  3. Peel the Transfer tape from the wall slowly with your fingers.
 If the decal sticks to the transfer tape, firmly rub over the transfer tape using the squeegee or similar Credit card. Repeat the process if the Vinyl decal is struck on the transfer tape.
  1. Now the Vinyl decal is firmly decorated on your wall! J


  1. Before you begin to make sure there is no oil or dirt on your wall/surface or your design will not stick! Use a dry cloth.
  2. For more stubborn dirt use only water, however, wait 24 hours before installing your design after water has been applied to your surface.
  3. If your wall is newly painted, wait at least 3 weeks before you apply your decal or it may not adhere.

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